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Biomechanical Assessment Services

At Alexandra Sports we offer 2 different forms of biomechanical services, over the years we have developed and mastered our biomechanical running assessments to ensure all our customers leave, not only satsified, but with the correct running shoes for their gait.

To see what services we offer, see below:

  • Biomechancical
  • £20.00

    FREE when purchasing footwear
  • Perfect For All Runners & Walkers
  • Full biomechanical assessment
    performed by experienced staff
  • Personal 1-on-1 Service
  • Assessment Record held in-store
  • Book Appointment

What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

A biomechanical assessment is the assessment of the mechanics of a biological system; normally with the view of improving or enhancing such mechanics as to produce favourable results.

In the context of this industry the biological system is the human body and we are generally assessing the lower limb (below the hip) biomechanics; whilst noting any significant interactions with the rest of the body.

The “favourable results” we are seeking, is helping you to select the ideal footwear for your biomechanics to help avoid injury and promote a better running style so that you get the most enjoyment out of your running possible.

When you get it just right, you will run without even thinking about your body, your mechanics will “flow” and you will relax and enjoy the run; however get it wrong and even a short run can result in injuries or pain.

Do I really need a Biomechanical Assessment?

The biomechanical assessment has been developed to ensure that we can help you can choose the ideal shoe for your feet; helping to reduce the possibility of injury. Whilst it may sound long-winded, we understand that some of our customers like to comprehend in full detail how their body interacts with footwear while they run; while others prefer to just be guided by us.

Either way you are the customer and we are here to ensure that you leave happy in the knowledge that you have the right shoes for you. We also recognise that choosing products is more than just a case of selecting what is practically correct; it can be an emotional decision.

So if you prefer to simply choose your own shoes or even pick what you prefer the look of we will still be happy to help.


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