Our industry leading gait analysis and biomechanical assessment will have you running in the perfect shoes

What is a Gait-Analysis?

A gait anlaysis and biomechanical assessment allows you find the ideal pair of shoes, that suits your gait and biomechanics. Everybody is built and moves differently, because of this footwear is built differently. If you run or walk in footwear that isn't suited to you, over-time, they can cause pain or injury. We have spent years perfecting our gait-analysis in 6 straightforward (but in-depth) steps that help pick you the perfect running or walking shoes.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to exercise, a seasoned marathon runner, fast or slow, if you are young or old or if you walk, jog or run!

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff are here to help!

6 steps to the perfect running shoes

1. Let’s Talk

The first stage involves getting to know a bit about you and your activity. Finding out about your running goals, terrain, your experience and any injuries or injury history provides a better understanding and helps us tailor a process to find you the ideal footwear solution.

At this point we may also look at your old or existing footwear. The wear pattern on your footwear may give us an indication of how you move.


2. Biomechanical Assessment

We have a series of podiatry-based tests at our disposal to further our understanding of your body.
This biomechanical analysis involves looking at your alignment, posture, various foot movements,
the range of motion around joints and knee tracking.

We are using the results of these tests to determine what traits your body displays and what it may
mean for certain injury patterns and footwear solutions.


3. Gait Analysis

An important process is to watch you move! We will ask you to walk and/or run so that we can assess how you strike the ground and how much your feet pronate. This will be performed along the length of our store or using one of our treadmills. On the treadmill, a recording of your feet will be made using a camera set up from behind. The recording is then played back in slow motion and angles measured on the screen.

The results of this analysis should help confirm what support level is selected for your footwear.

4. Measuring your feet

No two feet are the same, and most of us will have a noticeable discrepancy between our feet. It may be in length, width or function.

We are the first running store in the UK to use FitStation. A revolutionary volumental scanner that accurately measures and produces a 3D image of your foot. Measuring length, width, volume and arch height. This helps determine which footwear and insole options are most suited for you.

A 3D Image, combined with dynamic pressure readings, help identify your unique motion path and plantar pressure points.

5. The Shoes

At Alexandra Sports we stock a wide range of footwear from the leading running brands. All models are stocked in half sizes and many in different width sizes too!

Combining all of the results from our biomechanical gait analysis, will help our staff hand pick a selection of shoes that are best suited to your needs. Which one is best? Well that is up to you! The colour of your footwear is not important but the comfort is. We allow you to test run the shoes before you buy. A run up the road or being analysed on our treadmill should help you pick your best training partner.

6. Personalise your fit

Having now selected the footwear that you feel most comfortable and confident in, we can look to further customise them if necessary. There is always the option to change the insole in your shoes.

Using the information gained from our FitStation scans, we can advise on specific Superfeet insoles, which can be used to increase the support for your arches and help reduce foot pain and lower limb injuries.

We also stock a wide range of performance sport socks that are not only anti-blister and breathable but can also help improve the fit of your shoes.


How much does it cost?

A £20.00 deposit is taken at the time of booking, however, this is refunded to you at the time of purchase.

Can I only book an assessment?

You can book an appointment for our assessment and insole fitting services. For anything else, simply visit one of our stores and talk to a member of staff.

Do I have to book an assessment or can I just walk-in?

You don't have to book an appointment, but we highly recommend it. All assessment booking will take priority over walk-ins. If you visit our store, and we are fully booked, you may be asked to schedule an appointment or visit at a later time. If however, one of our staff members is free, we will happily assist you.

What if I just need advice?

You can email us, call us or simply visit one of our stores. All our staff members are trained, experienced and will be more than happy to help with any of your queries, big or small.

If I don't book an appointment, can I still visit?

Yes you can, however, please bear in mind that appointment booking are a priority, so you may be asked to wait outside or return at a later date if the store is at capacity.