Sports Bra Fitting

Sports Bra Fitting

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We offer custom bra fitting in all of our stores

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Getting a properly fitted sports bra can make the world of difference when undertaking any form of fitness and excersise.

The most common form of breast pain when running is due to a loose underband or an incorrect cup size.
We can help custom fit and choose the best sports and fitness bra available for your body

Fully Trained Staff by leading experts

All our staff are professional and fully trained to assess and fit your sports bra. We work very closely with industry expert Prof. Joanna Scurr who helps train and assist our staff to ensure our customers receive not only the best service but the best product available

Why do I need a sports bra?

When performing any excersise such as running, when unsupported, causes your breasts to move in 3-dimensional manner. This results in discomfort, chafing and strain on the ligaments, which in turn, can lead to sagging.

With a properly fitted sports bra, you can significantly reduce your breasts movement when running, allowing you to run without pain and discomfort


No, just head into one of our stores and one of our staff members will assist you with a bra fitting.

Yes, both our Portsmouth and Christchurch stores have the necessary facilities and staff to fit you with the perfect sports bra.

It is not necessary, as our experts will be sure to find the perfect bra for you, however it may help our staff to see any wear or tear marks on your current sports bra to see what may help.

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