Technical running socks

Socks. Is there a better christmas gift?

A proper pair of running socks will make any runner smile

From £9.00

Running socks
Shokz headphones

Bone-conducting headphones

Music while aware of your surroundings

These will blow their mind! Headphones while keeping your ears open

From £79.95

Hats and gloves

Keep them warm in the winter chill

From bobble hats to waterproof gore-tex gloves, stylish and practical

From £7.50

running hats and gloves
massage guns for runners

Massage guns

Hard training requires better recovery

Treatment from your own home, massage guns make for great recovery

From £100.00

Phone holders

No pockets, no problem. Take your phone with you

Holding your phone while you run is annoying, isn’t it.

From £20.00

phone holders for running
running shoes

Running shoes

For that extra special gift, for that special person

A new pair of running shoes is sure to make their day!

From £70.00

Gait analysis

The best gift of all. The perfect running shoes

Why not book them a gait analysis? Beginner or veteran, ideal for all.

£20.00 deposit

gait analysis for runners