Loyalty Club Information

Rewarding You

At Alexandra Sports we truly value customer loyalty, so we wanted to create a way of rewarding our loyal customers to say thank you. This is why we created the loyalty club to show our appreciation for our customers by offering a loyalty club that is twice as generous as most of the leading high-street loyalty schemes.

How it works

Join the club and you will earn 2 points for every pound you spend in-store with us, these points can then be used off future purchases or saved up until you reach 2500 points, at which time we’ll swap those points for a £25 gift voucher. Points are worth a penny and we give you 2 points for every pound spent; this makes the club twice as generous as most other loyalty schemes!

Have any questions?

Our FAQ page gives answers to everything you should need to know and our terms and conditions page covers all of the nitty gritty details in depth. If there is something that you still aren’t sure on, or you have any ideas on how we can improve the club, please don’t hesitate to email us.


That Little Extra

Be part of something special – By joining the loyalty club, you’re not just joining a loyalty scheme; you are joining a community of runners, walkers and other athletes that care about quality service and expert advice.

  • Unlock the power of the club – It’s not just about the points you earn when shopping, by joining the club you can earn bonus points by referring friends; tell enough people about us and you could end up never having to pay for running shoes ever again!

  • Give Back – Whilst we all like to get something for free, it’s always great to help others. Choose our executive club and you’ll be helping with local charitable causes.
  • Who knows what the future holds – We are committed to constantly improving the loyalty club, so we will take on new ideas and adapt the rewards based on what our club members are telling us.