Loyalty FAQ

Loyalty Club FAQ


Does it cost anything to join your loyalty scheme?

This depends on which membership you choose. Our Executive Club costs £30 to join; however not only do we give you £5 in points back and donate £1 to local running charitable causes, but you are entitled to a whole host of other benefits. Our loyalty club is free to join and still allows you to collect points and receive exclusive offers and promotions.

How do I join the loyalty scheme?

That’s easy, you can either sign-up in person at the store, where we will ask you for a few more details than we normally ask for at the till; or you can sign-up online at our sign-up page.

Can anyone join the loyalty scheme?

Yes, anyone can join the scheme as long as they are a human being (we can’t offer accounts for companies or other entities) and a UK resident.


How do I know how many points I have?

From time to time we will send you an email with your points balance, you can also contact us at any time to request your up-to-date loyalty points balance, by emailing loyalty@alexandrasports.com. Also your latest points balance will be displayed on your in-store receipts.

How do loyalty points work and what are they worth?

You will earn two points for every whole £1.00 you spent in-store so if you spend £9.95 you will earn 18 points, if you spend £10.00 you will earn 20 points. Points will be earnt on qualifying purchases only. Each point is worth £0.01 (one penny) therefore we effectively give you back 2p for every £1 you spend; this makes it one of the most generous loyalty programs available.

Are there any other ways of earning points?

Yes, we operate a referral system within the loyalty scheme, so if you recommend someone you know to us, who has never bought anything from us before; we will give you one point for every whole £1 they spend in their first transaction as a new customer. We may also offer point giveaways as prizes from time to time.

Our whole family shop with you, how will our points be earnt and spent?

Points are earnt on all qualifying transactions; however we must assign an individual account to the sale. So if you would like to earn points as a whole family then your family members will all need to decide upon and use a single person’s account (for example Dad - John Smith); unfortunately the system doesn’t allow “family” accounts as such. Please bear in mind that if one of you spends the points without telling everyone else you could be in trouble with Mum and Dad! We would normally recommend you each create your own accounts so that you know which points are “yours”.

How can I spend my points?

You can spend your points either in-store, by asking to redeem your available points at the till. Or if you wish to spend your points online then you will need to swap your points for a reward voucher, this can be done from our website loyalty spending page, by emailing loyalty@alexandrasports.com or by following the link on any of our monthly loyalty points newsletters. We will simply convert your points into a reward voucher code that can then be redeemed online.

Can I spend my points online?

Yes, although as our website runs on a different system, in order to spend points online you will need to ask us to swap your points for a reward voucher this can be done from our website loyalty spending page, by emailing loyalty@alexandrasports.com or by following the link on any of our monthly loyalty points newsletters. We will simply convert your points into a reward voucher code that can then be redeemed online.

Is there a limit to how many points I can collect?

Not as such; however once a loyalty member’s balance reaches 2500, we will automatically swap your points for either an in-store reward voucher. Once we issue the reward voucher, your points balance will be reset to zero and you can continue to collect points.

Can I give my points to someone else?

Unfortunately not, your points are your points and they are non-transferable; however that doesn’t stop you using points to buy someone a gift.

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Can I cancel my loyalty account?

Yes, absolutely, you can cancel at anytime with no notice; just email loyalty@alexandrasports.com and we will close your account; please note that any remaining points will be forfeited if you cancel your account.

Will Alexandra Sports ever cancel my account?

Only in certain circumstances would we consider closing a loyalty account, such as: if we suspect foul play or misuse; however if you do not use your account for over two years then your points will expire. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

What if I move house or my circumstances change?

If you change address then you need to inform us of your new address to avoid missing out on further points. More important is your email address, this must be kept up-to-date, as this is the main identifier of your account. A valid email address is the main requirement of the loyalty scheme and your account will become invalid without one; please see our terms and conditions for full details. Any address or personal details can be changed by emailing loyalty@alexandrasports.com or by informing us at the point of sale in-store or in the comments box of any web order you place. Unfortunately we cannot change details over the phone.


If I return a purchase, do I lose the points that I earnt on it?

If your return a purchase for exchange or credit we will debit your loyalty account balance by the number of points earnt from any purchases that are refunded. This may mean that you end up with a negative balance if your total points balance is lower than the amount of points to be deducted at the time the refund takes place.

I forgot to mention that I am a loyalty member last time I came in, can I claim back the points I should have earnt?

Yes, but for security reasons we can only issue points retrospectively with the original receipt, please bring in or post us your original receipt so that we can credit the points to your account. Please bear in mind as long as we assigned you to the sale then your points will have been earnt, if your name and account number are at the top of your receipt then you were assigned to the sale.

What is a "qualifying purchase"?

Qualifying purchases are all “normal” product purchases made in our store with the exclusion of purchases of: any third party services we offer such as shoe repairs/adjustments and racquet re-strings; gift vouchers; in-store services such as biomechanical assessments; delivery charges; or in-shoe corrections. For more information on exclusions please ask a member of staff.

What if I buy something that is worth less than the reward voucher?

We don’t give change on reward vouchers, so we would recommend always using them on purchases of equal or higher value than the reward voucher itself to avoid losing out.

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Do you share any of my information with anyone else?

Absolutely not, we take privacy of your information very seriously and would not share your information with any third parties; unless required by the police or any government authority.