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What is Video Gait Analysis?

Video Gait Analysis is a method of establishing a biomechanical profile of how you walk and/or run using a video camera and advanced software designed for capturing and analysing the body in motion. Slowing down this video footage to single frames per second, can reveal a host of interesting biomechanical nuances and helps us to show you how you run or walk and the effect that the correct pair of trainers can make. Every single running or walking gait is unique, therefore performing a video gait analysis is a very useful exercise, as it helps to identify many of the component parts of the gait cycle that are very hard to distinguish at normal speed; even when walking!

What sort of things do you look for in a Video Gait Analysis?

Without giving too much away, there are several indicators that we look at when analysing your gait. As the gait cycle consists of the swing phase (where the leg is swinging through the air) and the stance phase (where the limb is in contact with the ground). Furthermore the swing phase is broken down into two sub-phases (Initial swing and Terminal swing) and the stance phase is broken down into three sub-phases (Initial Contact, Mid-stance and Toe-off); so one of the indicators that we look at is the co-ordination of your gait phases as well as the timing of these phases. As the stance phase is where shoes have their main effect on the body we observe all three of the sub-phases individually:


Initial Contact

Here we analyse the angle at which you strike the ground and which part of the foot you strike the ground with.


Initial contact to Mid-stance

Here we analyse the degree to which your foot pronates (rolls inwards and downwards) and the rate of the pronation; as well as the angle at which your foot faces forward.

Toe Off


Here we look at various angles of the foot, particularly the angle at which the foot leaves the ground.

The software we use for our video Gait Analysis not only allows us to slow down the video so that the crucial observations can be made effectively, but it also allows us to superimpose angles and lines onto the live video; allowing for more accurate measurements and comparison of different shoes. In addition to this we can synchronise two video clips side by side and even overlay two video clips to compare results. The final result means that along with our advice you be empowered with the most accurate information to help you make the right decision on what shoe is the best option for your gait.


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